Plastic mixer machine is widely used in the plastic processing industry.

Update time:20 Oct 2022

Plastic Mixer Machine This machine comes with various f […]

Plastic Mixer Machine

This machine comes with various features, which make it more convenient and useful to use. Aside from being compact, the vertical mixer is also equipped with a reducer motor that ensures a low noise level and long operation hours. In addition, this mixer is available with a range of mixing time, ranging from zero to thirty minutes.

The RSM Series plastic mixer machine is designed specifically for the plastic injection molding and blowing molding industries. It is available in five different models and has a loading capacity of 25Kg to 200Kg. The size of the machine can also vary according to the needs. Its other features include low energy consumption, small size, and castor wheels.

The screw type mixing blades ensure the proper mixing of all raw materials. The machine also comes equipped with a timer relay, which helps control the mixing process. It is also easy to install and move. Moreover, it is safe and durable. Its screw design also makes it easy to handle and transport.

This machine features automatic timing and over-current protection functions. It is energy-efficient, easy to operate, and has a small fault rate. Moreover, it has many benefits, including environment protection and economic savings. In addition, it can boost your productivity by 30%. With the right features, you can choose the most suitable machine for your plastic mixing needs.

This machine is suitable for mixing granulated solid plastic raw materials and masterbatch,
and has a large capacity. It is a low-energy and highly effective mixing machine. Moreover, it has a wide range of uses, including milling plastic materials. For instance, it can be used for mixing plastics, rubber, and composites.

Plastic mixer machine is widely used in the plastic processing industry.
Its advanced design, small size, and low weight make it easy to operate. In addition, this machine is energy-efficient and has a long working life. Therefore, it is highly recommended to any plastic processing industry. And it can also be used for mixing small amounts of materials.

Before using the machine, you should make sure it is properly cleaned. It should have a well-sealed inlet and outlet knife and should be free of dirt and impurities. In addition, it must be maintained according to the frequency of use. You should also check the inlet and outlet seals, and its pressure buckle must be fixed.

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