A Plastic Granule Cutter, or PGC, is a device that is used to cut plastic into small pieces.

Update time:01 Sep 2022

Plastic Granule Cutter A Plastic Granule Cutter, or PGC […]

Plastic Granule Cutter

A Plastic Granule Cutter, or PGC, is a device that is used to cut plastic into small pieces. Its features are simple, low-cost, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain. In addition, it is also suitable for different plastic granule processing applications. The components of a Plastic Granule Cutter are the motor, transmission shaft, blade holder, and blower fan.

The Plastic Granule Cutter is a mechanical device that uses a set of high-carbon steel blades to crush plastics into small pieces. Its construction is simple and easy-to-use, and its adjustable speed and frequency allow for easy control. It also features a filter that prevents foreign matter from entering the machine.

A Plastic Granule Cutter is an important part of the plastic recycling line. The machine shaves plastic material into small granules and is available in both dry and wet versions. The Plastic Granule Cutter is an efficient machine that allows for the production of uniform granules. It is highly durable and helps in recycling plastic materials for a variety of products.

The Plastic Granule Cutter is an industrial machine used for recycling plastic materials. The machine consists of a base, left and right wall panels, a motor, and transmission device. It can cut different types of plastic and is easy to operate. It is also portable and highly efficient. The Plastic Granule Cutter can be used in industries that deal with waste plastic and need to cut large amounts of plastic.

A Plastic Granule Cutter cuts plastic strands perfectly at the end of the production line. It uses alloy steel blades to cut the strands. It has an adjustable speed and a long life. It is easy to operate, and its design eliminates noise. It can also handle different types of plastic.

A Plastic Granule Cutter is a piece of equipment used to make plastic particles. It cuts plastic into small particles with a die face. The plastic particles are then cooled with air or water. The speed of cooling depends on the size of the granule extruder. The process is very simple and involves few steps.

The Plastic Granule Cutter is an important piece of equipment for manufacturing plastic products. It is used in industries such as food and cosmetics. It is made of durable materials. The cutter blades are made of sintered high-speed steel. They have a hardness of 60-65 Rockwel C.


Product Details
Model Hob dia.×lenth(mm) Teeth Motor (kw) Output (kg/h) Speed Control Weight (kg) SizeL×W×H(rm)
FPB-100 Φ100*100 14 1.5 100 Adjustable 180 785*690*1160
FPB-140 Φ140*140 18 3.0 150 Adjustable 245 835*720*1225
FPB-160 Φ160*160 22 3.0 200 Adjustable 260 870*720*1225
FPB-180 Φ180*180 26 3.0 250 Adjustable 285 885*730*1245
FPB-200 Φ160*200 22 3.0-4.0 250-300 Adjustable
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