Plastic Recycling Machine Manufacturers in China

Update time:08 Sep 2022

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of plastic r […]

If you are looking for a reliable supplier of plastic recycling machine, you can find a reputable supplier in China. China is home to many manufacturers. Founded in 1995, this company focuses on designing and manufacturing quality plastic recycling machines and extrusion machinery. It has received numerous awards and accolades from its clients and is recognized internationally for its quality. Here are some companies that produce plastic recycling machines:

PURUI Machinery is one of the leading plastic recycling machine manufacturers in China. Its team of experts and highly advanced production line enable it to design and manufacture high-performance plastic recycling machines with low power consumption, low-maintenance, and high-output. Its company has been established in China for more than 10 years and boasts good feedback from customers worldwide. Ruian Chuangli Machinery Factory is another qualified and reliable manufacturer of plastic recycling machines. Its products are exported worldwide.

TMR research is comprised of 10 sections, ranging from product type to capacity, end-user, distribution channel, and plastic type. This report provides a comprehensive view of the global plastic recycling machine industry. It analyzes competitive developments, new product launches, and profiles leading players in the industry. The report covers a range of plastic recycling machines, including biodegradable and compostable plastics, and offers a wealth of information for investors, industry executives, and end-users.

As more plastics are recycled and reused, the cost of virgin material will go down. The plastic pellets produced by in-house recycling are like-new and are used to produce high-quality plastic products. As a result, companies are reducing their costs and GHG emissions. In addition, they reduce the need for virgin materials, as the plastic waste generated by these processes is almost as good as new. In the long run, plastic recycling is the smartest choice.

The company's new brand image enables it to become a market leader with cost-effective film recycling machines. These machines are specifically designed for film manufacturers processing post-industrial waste. In less than 1.5 years, the company sold 100 sets of the same model. The company has also expanded its global distribution to Africa, Europe, and Asia.

The market for plastic recycling machines is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% from 2017 to 2031. In addition to maximizing profits, plastic recycling machines create more revenue opportunities for companies. By utilizing advanced technology, plastic recycling machines can recover any type of plastic scrap, and convert it into new products. The end products of recycling plastic can be used for different applications, including clothing, construction, and electrical & electronics. Aside from this, recycled plastic is also an excellent source of fuel.

To further increase the number of plastic recycling machines used in recycling, manufacturers can exhibit their products in trade shows and exhibitions. This is the ideal venue to exhibit technology innovation, and showcase product portfolio. Trade shows also provide a platform to launch upgraded plastic recycling machines. With the help of trade shows, plastic recycling machine manufacturers have successfully increased the popularity of their products. And these trade shows bring together diverse aspects of the industry, thus allowing more customers to take advantage of them.


Product Details
Model Screw dia.(mm) Long dia. ratio Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Rotate speed(r/min)
LDP-SJP-90-120 Φ90、Φ120 28:1、10:1 150-250 30/18.5 10-75
LDP-SJP-120-150 Φ120、Φ150 28:1、10:1 250-350 45/30 10-75
LDP-SJP-130-160 Φ130、Φ160 28:1、10:1 350-450 55/37 10-75

28:1、10:1 450-550 110/55 10-75
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