High Speed Mixing and Drying Machine

High Speed Mixing and Drying Machine

Especially suitable for drying and mixing power,crushed material and water recycling material.

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Model Total Volume(kg) Motor(kw) Rotary Speed(r/min) weight(kg) Size(LxWxD)
LGH-50 50 7.5 550 230 1100*800*1300
LGH-100 100 15 550 400 1200*950*1400
LGH-150 150 33 550 560 14000*1050*1500
LGH-200 200 30 500 700 1700*1300*1700

1.The high speed mixer can release the water molecules in the raw material by using the high speed rotating friction heating, so as to achieve the dual functions of efficient drying and uniform color mixing. It is widely used in the drying/color mixing processing of granule, flake, powder, pulverized or washed recycled material.
2.Easy discharging, discharging without starting the motor; With automatic temperature control, timing, overload protection and other automatic functions; Double-layer stainless steel insulation barrel, blade, brake, barrel cover and so on are stainless steel materials.
3.The bottom of the barrel body is designed with conical body without dead Angle, and staggered blades are used to make the mixing and friction of raw materials faster, the utilization rate of motor is higher, and the cleaning in the barrel is easier.
4.Inertia wheel design, can crush the material due to moisture agglomeration; Different power motors can be configured according to different needs to achieve different drying effects.

Yuyao Lvdao Plastic and Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd is well known High Speed Mixing and Drying Machine manufacturers and industrial High Speed Mixing and Drying Machine suppliers in China. We can make the products following the customers' requirements,like the shape,size,color,logo and other spec details. According to the different characteristics of various plastic materials to develop a batch of new products, maximize to meet the needs of customers.


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