Horizontal Plastic Mixer Machine

Horizontal Plastic Mixer Machine

Suit for powder , flakes or pellets mixing. The barrel of LDW100-LDW300 can be rotated.

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Model Total Volume(kg) Motor(kw) Rotary Speed(r/min) weight(kg) Size(LxWxD)
LDHW-100 50 2.2 60 270 1060*800*1180
LDW-150 100 3 60 350 1360*800*1180
LDW-200 150 4 60 450 1400*910*1320
LDW-300 200 5.5 22 700 1520*980*1430
LDW-500 300 7.5 22 800 1630*1000*1580
LDW-1000 1000 11 18 1300 1880*1200*1780

1.Horizontal mixer is widely used for mixing and stirring powder, flake, granule and special material in plastic, chemical and other industries.
2.Practical and compact, ensuring that the barrel capacity is larger than similar products at the same time, the overall height is greatly reduced than similar products
3.100-300kg bucket body adopts tilting bucket design, mixing bucket can be arbitrarily inclined in 0°-100°, for cleaning or discharging needs; Mixing time can be set automatically stop as needed; Safety protection device to ensure safe operation.
4.The barrel body and blade are made of stainless steel, often keeping clean and clean; The blades are made by a special process to make the mixing effect more incomparable to competitors, while also minimizing the energy loss;
5.Horizontal mixer has six models.Its maximum total volume is 1000kg,the minimum total volume is 100kg.The maximum power is 11kw,the minimum power is 2.2kw.The lower height greatly alleviates labor; It can be customized drying type horizontal mixer.
6.It is a new type of mixing equipment with high efficiency, high uniformity, high load factor,low energy consumption, low pollution and little destruction to frangible material.

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