Gear Box

Gear Box

1. The product design adopts various technical specifications of JB/T9050.1-1999 specifications.
2. The gear material of the gearbox is 20CRMNTI. After carburizing, quenching, and gear grinding, the gear accuracy is level 6, the gear hardness reaches HRC58-62, and the transmission noise is low.
3. All thrust bearings adopt domestic first-class brands of ZHJ and DYZV, and foreign brands of SKF, FAG. NSK can also be selected according to customer needs.
4. The cabinet is exclusively made of HT250 material split and thick wall design to ensure the high stability and stability of the host. The external design of the box helps reduce noise,Lubrication of heat dissipation and parts and subsequent maintenance.
5. The skeleton oil seal adopts the Taiwan TTO brand, and the high and low speed shafts of the gearbox adopt double oil seals to completely eliminate the possibility of oil leakage.
6. Screw connection: select GB/T1095-1979 double keyway of 180 degrees according to standard requirements, or use rectangular spline of GB/T1144-1987.

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Yuyao Lvdao Plastic and Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd is well known Gear Box manufacturers and industrial Gear Box suppliers in China. We can make the products following the customers' requirements,like the shape,size,color,logo and other spec details. According to the different characteristics of various plastic materials to develop a batch of new products, maximize to meet the needs of customers.


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