Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

Centrifugal Dewatering Machine

Suitable for soft plastic dewatering,.Will not destroy the original state.Stable operation,easy to operate.

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Model Power Diameter of barrel(mm) Dehydration capacity(kg/h) Total Weight(kg) Rotating speed(r/min) Dimensions
LTS-01 4KW-6P



100 270 520 1300*1300*850

1.The centrifugal dewatering machine is suitable for soft plastic dewatering.Will not destroy the original state.Stable operation,easy to operate.It has the characteristics of large capacity, shockproof, frequency conversion and automatic system
2.Its' rotor is made of stainless steel.It has brake open arm device,good braking performance,safe and reliable.It has a unique three-foot suspension structure,which can avoid the vibration caused by the unbalanced load.It adopts triangle belt drive,drive start wheel by motor, start slowly to normal speed,run smoothly without vibration.
3.The structural modification of centrifuge can ensure the durability and reliability of the machine, and can fully meet the industrial standards, and reduce the production cost of special models.The material contact part of the material is made of 304 stainless steel, such as the liner of the centrifuge, the shell, the tray, etc., to prevent the dewatering process of equipment to material pollution, to ensure the quality of the product.
4.The centrifugal dewatering machine has one model,the motor is 4kw,and the capacity is 100kg/h.

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