Film and Woven Bag Crusher

Film and Woven Bag Crusher

It's used for crushing film,woven bag and bottle etc.

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Product Details

Model Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Rotating/Fixed blades Weight(kg) Size L×W×H(mm) Cutter Chamber Size(mm)
LDF-C-400 (3640K) 250-300 22 8/3 1000 1020×1850×1710 410×430
LDF-C-600 (4060K) 350-400 37 8/3 1800 1430×2210×1880 460×600
LDF-C-800 (5680K) 500-600 55 10/3 2800 1665×2440×2635 620×820


Yuyao Lvdao Plastic and Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd is well known Film and Woven Bag Crusher manufacturers and industrial Film and Woven Bag Crusher suppliers in China. We can make the products following the customers' requirements,like the shape,size,color,logo and other spec details. According to the different characteristics of various plastic materials to develop a batch of new products, maximize to meet the needs of customers.


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