Film Crusher

Film Crusher

It's used for the film and woven bag crushing.


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Product Details

Model Output(kg/h) Power(kw) Rotating/Fixed blades  Weight(kg) Fragmentation power(kg/n)

Cutter Chamber Size(mm)

LDF-A-650- 400-600 22/4 6/4 1500 3200×1400×1800 650×380


37/5.5 6/4 2500 3200×1600×2100 800×420


45/7.5 6/4 3500 3500×1800×2200 1000×600
LDF-A-1200 1200-1500 55/7.5 6/4 4000 3500×2000×2300 1200×600


1.Plastic film crusher machine is special used to recycle the waste plastic material.In general, is connected to use cleaning washing line.
2.Plastic film cleaning and crushing machine can crush many kinds of film materials such as woven bags, agricultural film, hand bag,LDPE,HDPE, etc. Which can also remove and clean the dust and impurity the material so that to get the clean plastic materials.With the plastic film cleaning line, you can get clean raw materials very well. And then by the plastic granulator,you can get clean and beautiful granule
3.Plastic film crusher machine is LDF-A series.It has four models.At the same time,different models have different output and motor.It can also be customized according to their desired output, motor and voltage. The minimum output is 400kg/h and the maximum output is 1500kg/h. Its moving knife number is 6 pieces, fixed knife number is 4 pieces
4.The blade is adjustable and can be sharpened for many times after blunt.
5.Good looking in surface, color coordination, spray-painted solid.
6.Hopper, crushing room,easy to dump gate.The crushing room use noise arrester to lower noise. Cleaning and insurance.
7.Stable structure is easy to open for maintenance.

Yuyao Lvdao Plastic and Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd is well known Film Crusher manufacturers and industrial Film Crusher suppliers in China. We can make the products following the customers' requirements,like the shape,size,color,logo and other spec details. According to the different characteristics of various plastic materials to develop a batch of new products, maximize to meet the needs of customers.


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