LDF Film Manual Feeding Granulator

LDF Film Manual Feeding Granulator

1.To labor saving,film can dirctly pelletize without dehydration after washing.
2.Special screw with electromagnetic heating, stable performance.
3.Provide single-stage water ring hot cutting and side feeding system according to your requirement.

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Product Details

Model Long dia ratio Output(kg/h) Screw rotate speed(r/min) Power(kw) Center height(mm)
LDF-SJP-90-80 25:1 80 70 30-18.5 700
LDF-SJP-100-90 25:1 100 70 30-18.5 750
LDF-SJP-120-110 25:1 150 70 45-18.5 750
LDF-SJP-130-120 25:1 200 70 55-18.5 800

Film manual feeding granulator is one of the most popular plastic granulator in our company, which is mainly suitable for recycling and granulation of PP PE film. The machine is completely based on the needs of customers, in the use of the film without crushing, the whole film directly recycled granulation, for consumers to save the purchase cost of shredder. At the same time, there is no specific requirement for the dry and wet degree of the film, dry film can use ordinary heating ring, wet film can be equipped with electromagnetic heating, with great flexibility and adaptability. In addition, the model can also be equipped with different granulation systems, not only can use ordinary die head with plastic granulation machine strip granulation machine, but also can use water ring die head for water ring cutting, to meet the needs of different customers. Of course, according to the cleanliness of the film may be able to choose a single or double step machine, raw material for the factory production of film scrap can use a single step machine, raw material for recycling material can use double filter double step machine.

Yuyao Lvdao Plastic and Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd is well known LDF Film Manual Feeding Granulator manufacturers and industrial LDF Film Manual Feeding Granulator suppliers in China. We can make the products following the customers' requirements,like the shape,size,color,logo and other spec details. According to the different characteristics of various plastic materials to develop a batch of new products, maximize to meet the needs of customers.


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